22 Oct

Taking Time to Learn: Computer Learning Month

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In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to put off your own development...

October marks Computer Learning Month, an annual event focused on promoting responsible computing and digital citizenship, serving as a simple reminder to set aside time dedicated to learning something new.

Since the month is already quickly drawing to a close, we've compiled a short list of some of our favorite online resources to help you stop procrastinating and start learning:

  • Computer Literacy Basics Mac | PC
    Learn the basics about using your computer with topics ranging from double clicking with your mouse to setting up an email account, and even how to transfer photos from your camera to your hard drive.
  • An Overview of Learning Methodologies
    Join Dr. Billie McConnell as he takes a look at how we have traditionally approached education, and what new approaches we should take to prepare students to be life-long learners.
  • Creating Maker Lessons Training
    Explore the principles of the Maker Movement, and build a framework for creating "Maker Lessons" that combine our physical and digital worlds in this online training series.
  • Effective Listening Training
    This dynamic online training series explores listening vs. hearing, the listening process, and types and styles of listening, responding, questioning, and more that can be valuable in all areas of your life.
  • What's New in iOS 8
    This online training series will show you some of the new features in iOS 8, including Interactive Notifications, QuickType, Family Sharing, iCloud® Drive, Spotlight®, and more!

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21 Oct

Missing Your Scroll Bar? Guest Blog Post

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Guest Blog Post by Maria Burnham, Library Media Specialist

As Apple continues to move toward a sleeker and more simple design with every new operating system, some things become hidden.  One very important item that people have noticed "hiding" on them is the scroll bar in their web browsers.  In older Mac operating systems, the scroll bar would always be located on the right side of the screen, showing you where you are in a longer web page.    

If you miss this feature and want to see the scroll bar all the time, you can get that back. Here's how:

21 Oct

Preparing Teachers for Technology

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Listen as Debra Atchison, Director of Technology and Professional Development at Richardson ISD, shares how Atomic Learning helps prepare her teachers to be experts on their class materials AND technology. Want to learn more? Visit www.atomiclearning.com/more.

20 Oct

Educators Connect to Share Wisdom

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We have almost concluded Connected Educator Month!  Behind ISTE® this is one of my favorite events that the Ed Tech Community sponsors.  It’s at the perfect time of year…I’ve just about calmed down from the chaos of the back to school rush and I am ready to buckle down and start getting to the heart of moving education forward. 

As a classroom teacher, I always felt that October was the month when the real learning began.  Students have figured out how to manage the halls, adjust to the schedule, and where to sit, or not to sit depending on the distractions.  It’s that time when we have started the course and now the real learning has begun.  It’s during this time that I have determined what my students strengths and weaknesses are and I am ready to plunge into some new ideas and see where they take me and all those formative minds that I’m working with for the rest of the year. 

Using technology to connect with your peers is an exciting, yet also, overwhelming task! Do you feel like you couldn’t take it all in? I know the days passed quickly and I’m hoping to find some archived sessions at http://connectededucators.org. They also have a  starter kit, created by Powerful Learning Practice will at help you understand some common terms, and tips for things you can do each day to connect with educators just like you even after the Connected Educator month ends.

It’s never too late to become a Connected Educator and learn about ways to ‘connect’!

20 Oct

Weekly Giveaway Winner - 10/20/14

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Congratulations to Nancy Brewer from St. Louis County Special School District in St. Louis, MO, our Weekly Giveaway t-shirt winner!

Not sure what the Weekly Giveaway is? Log into Atomic Learning for your chance to win! New tutorials featured and winners each week so continue to stop back for your chance to win!

18 Oct

Top 5 Resources for Providing a Digitally Accessible District

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To provide open access for all learners, digitally accessible materials are a must. That is why our site is in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and why we provide training on maximizing accessibility on campus. The most popular resources for promoting accessibility are:

  1. Accessibility: It IS Important
  2. Creating an Accessible Syllabus 
  3. Creating an Accessible Form 
  4. Office Suite Creating Accessible Documents Training
  5. Windows® Mac OS® X Accessibility Features

You can learn more about this staff development and all of our assistive technology training at our website. If you want to learn more, request more information