26 Feb

The Tech Adoption Curve: Laggards

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Better understanding the mindsets of your teachers, staff, and students can mean faster adoption, deeper integration, and a higher return on your district’s investment in technology. To help you build confidence working with different groups of technology users (and non-users) in your district, this blog post is one of several in a series focusing on various segments of the Technology Adoption Curve.

Before we dive into working with Laggards, let’s be clear that the title does not mean that an individual in this group is less intelligent, less dedicated, or a poor teacher. Rather it signifies that they have a fear of new technology and what it means for them. While the fear may exist at different levels and be caused by a variety of factors, it is a very real thing.

Because Laggards' hesitation to adopt new technology and tools is rooted in emotion, they often require one-on-one attention to succeed. They need to understand why the technology is necessary, how to use it, and when to use it before they’ll even consider making a change.

While this group can be frustrating to work with, you must always remember to guide them.

Attempting to force change by having mandatory use and stringent requirements can, in fact, cause larger issues. As an example, at one school Atomic Learning staff heard a story of one educator was so overwhelmed with a new push for technology integration that she actual chose to resign instead of change her instructional methods.

25 Feb

13 Creative Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

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Twitter can be an excellent way to incorporate social media into your classroom, while also reaching your students with a tool most of them may already be using.

Interested in trying twitter in your classroom? A recent article, 13 Creative ways to use Twitter in the Classroom, included some great ideas that we thought were worth sharing.

Take a look:  

1. Summarize Your Lecture
At the end of the class, ask your students to summarize whatever they perceived from the current lecture and tweet it at their profiles. This will allow you to evaluate the level of understanding within your students while improving their writing skills.

2. Message Students And Parents Directly
Email filters and scans often make an important message end up in a trash folder. Through Twitter, you can easily direct your messages to the concerned person directly.

3. Create An Online Gallery
If you are an Arts teacher, you can encourage your students to share their artwork on Twitter with a specified hashtag. This will persuade a development of support and self-confidence in the students.

4. Post Puzzles For Students To Solve
Post a new puzzle for students on Twitter everyday as a daily activity. It could be a math puzzle or a crossword puzzle. It will encourage intellectual development in students.

24 Feb

Survey Findings: What Contributes to a Positive School Culture

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A recent survey by ASCD SmartBrief revealed key indicators of how school leaders can create and maintain a positive school culture, namely by committing to both staff and student learning, having a shared vision, and nurturing teachers as leaders.

While it's actually a close second on the list, creating a shared vision that focuses on learning is an effective way to accomplish all three.

To help you get started creating such a vision, Atomic Learning has worked with the experts at Connected Consulting to design an in-depth Collaborative Planning Workbook that pinpoints areas for consideration and further development by asking critical questions that many districts fail to consider, particularly when implementing a 1:1, mobile, or other tech initiative.

Ready to take your district to the next level and ensure everyone is focused on learning? Get started today by requesting more information, including complete details on how to create a customized plan to maximize learning outcomes.

23 Feb

Weekly Giveaway Winner - 2/23/15

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Congratulations to Joanna Swinford from DODEA Arlington HQ in Arlington, VA, our Weekly Giveaway t-shirt winner!

Not sure what the Weekly Giveaway is? Log into Atomic Learning for your chance to win! New tutorials featured and winners each week so continue to stop back for your chance to win!

21 Feb

Infographic: Tech Planning vs. Zombies

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Most people would rather face a zombie apocalypse than build and implement a district-wide technology initiative.

Why? Because while ideas are exciting, translating these ideas into executable, strategic goals is not only daunting, but frightening. Check out this infographic with some fun facts.