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Concerned About Accessibility on Your Campus?

With October being Disabilities Awareness Month, it's a reminder to faculty members to take the proper steps to ensure your campus is barrier-free.  Luckily for you, Atomic Learning has 508 and WCAG compliant resources to help. We've gathered a list of quick training resources on the software that you're probably already using. These might help get your accessibility juices flowing:

What is Accessibility and Why is it Important?

Infographic: Higher Education's New Normal

College has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years, and so have the tools to make studying easier. Work smarter, not harder with online training on topics such as:

Making Time to Learn: Computer Learning Month

http://blogs.atomiclearning.com/sites/blogs.atomiclearning.com/files/bigstock-Computer-Keyboard-With-Key-Lea-4727067.jpgIn the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to put off your own professional development...

October marks Computer Learning Month, an annual event focused on promoting responsible computing and digital citizenship, serves as a simple reminder to set aside time dedicated to learning something new.

Since the month is already quickly drawing to a close, we've complied a short list of some of our favorite online resources to help you stop procrastinating and start learning.

  • Computer Literacy Basics Mac | PC
    Learn the basics about using your computer with topics ranging from double clicking with your mouse to setting up an email account, and even how to transfer photos from your camera to your hard drive.
  • Effective Listening Training
    This dynamic online training series explores listening vs. hearing, the listening process, and types and styles of listening, responding, questioning, and more that can be valuable in all areas of your life.
  • Effective Online Discussions
    This online video workshop addresses the ins and outs of conducting online discussions to help students to connect, share information, and demonstrate understanding of subject matter in online, blended, or face-to-face classes.
  • What's New in iOS 8
    This online training series will show you some of the new features in iOS 8, including Interactive Notifications, QuickType, Family Sharing, iCloud® Drive, Spotlight®, and more!

ECAR Report Finds Faculty & Students Need LMS Training

According to a recent ECAR report, the learning management system (LMS) remains an invaluable tool for many colleges and universities—but many advanced features are underutilized.

Highlighted findings:

  • Over 70% faculty members indicated that their LMS is a very useful tool for both enhancing their teaching and student learning
  • The stats for faculty and student use  was nearly identical, 85% of faculty compared to 83% of students
  • 56% of students utilize LMS tools in most or all of their courses
  • 3 out of 5 faculty report that the campus' system was critical to their teaching, but many only use basic features to push information and handouts to students

Diving deeper into usage and satisfaction, the study uncovered that that lack of awareness and training could be an issue in effective utilization of available tools. In fact, over half of faculty (57%) and students (51%) agree that better understanding LMS technology would make them more effective.

Additionally, one anonymous faculty member was quoted saying institutions need to "Better educate students and faculty on the [LMS] program. It is such a great tool, but half the faculty don’t even use it. We, as faculty, need to use this program university-wide so that students are familiar on day one with the program. Also they need support—aside from the help line, they need it to be a part of freshman orientation.”

Top 5 Resources for Providing a Digitally Accessible Campus

http://blogs.atomiclearning.com/sites/blogs.atomiclearning.com/files/Top5-image2.pngTo provide open access for all learners, digitally accessible materials are a must. That is why our site is in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and why we provide training on maximizing accessibility on campus. The most popular resources for promoting accessibility are:

You can learn more about this staff development and all of our assistive technology training at our website. If you want to learn more, request more information

UMASS Boston Provides LMS training to Both Faculty and Students

Is your campus moving to a new Learning Management System (LMS) or striving to ensure effective online instruction?  Watch this brief video to learn more about how UMASS Boston is providing LMS training to both faculty and students as well as providing resources to support effective online instruction.

Meet Our eLearning Developers: Owen Peery

Continuing the series introducing you to our eLearning Contributor team, we'd like you to meet Owen Peery.

Owen has a BA degree in Education from the University of CA Berkeley, as well as a MA in Education from Holy Names University, and M1 from the Université de Toulouse 1 in Information Systems.

Owen's professional experience includes working at Edmodo as a Teacher Advocate, 8 years teaching in K12 public schools in the US, 2 years teaching English in France, 6 years as an independent eLearning Content Developer for a variety of institutions in multiple languages, and before teaching he worked as a Health Educator in a corporate fitness facility for 3 years.

Owen worked as a technology teacher leader at Hill Freedman Middle School in a School District of Philadelphia  when the district won a National Blue Ribbon award in 2007.

His special interests include writing, 2d animation, music, traveling, languages - speaking French and Spanish fluently, art and design, and reading.

To see some of Owen's training, check out Atomic Learning's Audacity 2.0.3 Training, The Social & Interactive Web: Today's Web 2.0, Evernote Training, Edmodo Training, and Moving Schools and Organizations to the Cloud, among others.

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