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Tips to Help Lower DFW Rates - Part 1

A DFW rate is the rate at which students receive D-grades, F-grades, or Withdrawals in courses. Some Colleges and Universities are now using this data in regards to budget and performance reviews. More now than ever are these rates something to be looked at, and unfortunately, these rates are on the rise.

Although there are many reasons students withdraw from courses, faculty members can really only control their side of the story. One way to help students is to assess their knowledge of the required information at the very beginning of the semester or start of a course. This allows for the faculty member to get a feel for which students may need more dedicated attention and which students will be fine on their own. This pre-test of sorts can also help gauge which portions of the curriculum they need to spend more time on and which they can just touch lightly on.

While there is no perfect solution, taking the time to understand the knowledge level of students in a particular class, can make learning easier for everyone.

WEBINAR – Campus Leadership: A good leader is a good listener. Are you?

Join Brian Shapiro in this lively webinar where you'll be challenged to think through these questions:

  • Am I listening to the person speaking to me or am I simply hearing them?
  • Am I acknowledging what people are saying in a way that makes it about them?
  • Am I giving people my full attention?

Build your own success skills and learn how you can easily provide this type of career skills training to your faculty, staff, and students.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CDT.

Register Now

Support of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Continues #icebucketchallenge #alsicebucketchallenge #strikeoutals

Yesterday, Atomic Learning's CEO Lisa Barnett completed the ALS ice bucket challenge, and nominated her fellow executive team members: VP of Product and Business Development, Jon Blissenbach; Chief Financial Officer, Paul Cameron; and VP of Sales and Marketing, Zac Miller to complete the challenge within 24 hours or donate to ALS. Watch the video to see what happens next.

Supporting Instructional Technology - Guest Blog Post

We value our customers and appreciate the knowledge they provide and feedback they share, so we decided to ask for their stories to share in our new blog series "Voice of the Educator."

Guest blog post by Ahmed Lachheb, Instructional Technology Support Specialist at the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies at Fort Hays State University.

In my role as an Instructional Technology Support Specialist at Fort Hays State University (FHSU), I'm faced with questions, requests for help, and technology training on a daily basis. This becomes a bit challenging when I have about 400 instructors to support and a long list of instructional technologies available--from our Blackboard Learning Management System (with all its bells and whistles) to basic computer operations about Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Indeed, it's very rewarding for me to help my academic community dealing with the variety of tools we have at Fort Hays. The best is when a faculty member walks out of my office happy and with (almost) no fear or anxiety about how s/he going to deal with an instructional technology tool we have. Of course providing handouts and how-to-tutorials in different formats (PDF with screenshots, videos, step-by-step instructions) is always needed because let's face it: I'm only reachable during business hours and I cannot help all 400 instructors at once.

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