• HTML5 & CSS3 Code

    HTML5 & CSS3 Code

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  • Clean Design

    Clean Design

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    Touch Enabled

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What You'll Learn: Responsive Web Development in Bootstrap

In this online training series, you will learn how to create websites that respond to the size of the screen from the device that you are using to access the webpage. This is called responsive web design. We will be using HTML 5, CSS, and Bootstrap to create these pages. You will learn how to create media queries using CSS, and how to manipulate Bootstrap components to make your web pages responsive. The training concludes with the creation of a webpage in which you can apply the skills you have learned.​ Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more at www.atomiclearning.com/more.

Infographic: Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

soft skills vs hard skills infographic

As this infographic illustrates, students, faculty, alumni, and employers all agree that soft skills such as effective communication and decision making are a top priority in the workforce. Want to ensure that your graduates are career-ready and have the confidence needed in today’s workplace? Atomic Learning's career skills collection can help with campus-wide access to online training on:

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Making the Most of Your LMS

Love them or hate them, learning management systems have become a must-have for today’s campus. To quote a recent article: “The learning management system is the critical component to the entire elearning program. It is the engine and foundation. The best LMSs are the ones that are never noticed – they just hum along in the background as the learner interacts with the content.”
No matter where you stand on LMSs, Atomic Learning has resources to help you make the most of the tools available to you.
New to the learning management world or struggling with a recent upgrade? Atomic Learning offers step-by-step training on the most common LMSs, including training for both instructors and students.

5 More Popular Courses from Atomic Learning

Due to the popularity of the Top 5 Courses from Atomic Learning blog post, we thought we'd list the five courses that narrowly missed being in the Top 5. What are they?

Check out our most popular training by visiting our website. If you want to learn more about Atomic Learning's digital content library, request more information

Summer Planning Tips: Creative Commons

A few weeks ago, our Summer Planning Tips focused on Avoiding Plagiarism.  This week, we delve into a related topic: respecting copyrights. How can you help your students enhance digital content while still respecting the ownership of creative works produced by others? Are you or your students creating digital content you would like to share?

The Creative Commons provide free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.

Learn how to navigate the Creative Commons, or find a great resource for your students, in our Creative Commons workshop.

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