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30 Jan

“Friends of Atomic Learning” Program Expands Training Breadth - Over 220 Hours of Videos Added

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Atomic Learning—in a continued effort to help learners connect the dots between learning and life through their online training platform—recently started a partner program to expand the breadth of content available, and add a variety of teaching methodologies. The first three companies to become “Friends of Atomic Learning” and have training added include Bigger Brains, Cartoon Smart, and Ten Ton Online.

“By partnering with these top professional learning providers, Atomic Learning is rapidly growing our impact on learners around the world,” said Jon Blissenbach, Atomic Learning’s VP of Product and Business Development. “The dynamic instructional techniques, such as the teacher & learner model used by Bigger Brains, and the new topical areas of emphasis, such as character design and mobile game development by Cartoon Smart, are just a couple examples of exciting additions from this program.”

“Our team of professional educators, trainers, storytellers, and comedians provide courses that are both entertaining to watch and effective in transferring knowledge,” Chip Reaves, President of Bigger Brains said. “Teaming up with Atomic Learning—a company dedicated to helping educators—was a no brainer (no pun intended).”

09 Jan

Career Skills Training on How to Create a Digital Portfolio Introduced

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Atomic Learning recently added Career Skills training on Creating Digital Portfolios to its training library.

In this new training series, viewers will learn how to use popular web platforms to compile their digital portfolios, including Google Sites, Weebly, Silk, and Google Drive. The introductory training topics include:

  • What is a digital portfolio?
  • Why should I create a digital portfolio?
  • What should I include in my digital portfolio?
  • Do's and don'ts of creating a digital portfolio
  • How do I get started? Steps to creating your digital portfolio

This training series can be found at: http://www.atomiclearning.com/creating-digital-portfolio-training. Other training added to the Atomic Learning library includes:

29 Dec

New Content Alert: iTunes 12 and more!

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In addition to iTunes 12 Training, Atomic Learning added even more to its library, log in and check it out:

26 Nov

Online Training on Google Classroom Extends Educator’s Ability to “Go Green”

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Google Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly. In this online training series, educators will learn about Classroom from both the teacher and student perspective, followed by some instruction for administrators. To see a sample of this training, visit http://atomiclearning.com/k12/google-classroom-training#.

To learn more about becoming an Atomic Learning subscriber, visit: www.atomiclearning.com/more.

19 Nov

New Apple Tips and Tricks - Get Notified!

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Atomic Learning has recently launched a new approach to content development for frequently-changing iOS and Apple products. This new training will feature fresh tips and tricks, as well as discussion on the what, why, and how behind cool new features—such as Getting the Most Out of Battery Life and A look at Apple Pay.

Check out an example of these tips and tricks from our industry scouts firsthand and sign-up to have updates sent straight to your email here. (Learning that comes to you, can it get any easier?)

01 Nov

New Content Alert: Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2014 Training

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Adobe's® non-linear video editor Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud® 2014 boasts a number of new and innovative features. In this online training series, you'll explore the live text templates, master clip effects and the new delivery formats. You'll also be introduced to other new commands, including reverse match frame, and enhanced media management features. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information.

29 Oct

New Content Alert: HTML5 - Typography & Page Structuring Training

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In this online training series, Lawrence Turton covers the ease of HTML 5, the various elements that have been removed from the code, typography definitions, styling and using word break, as well as page structuring elements and semantic layout. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information.

01 Oct

New to Atomic Learning: iOS 8 Built in Accessibility Training

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With iOS® 8, Apple® has improved on many of the accessibility features. This online training series is an overview of the latest updates to iOS accessibility features. Topics include: Siri®, Speak Screen and Speak Selection, Voice Over, Grayscale, Invert Colors, and Fonts. We will also cover Assistive Touch and Safari® Reader.

26 Sep

New Content Alert: Creating a Research Poster and iOS 8 Training!

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Atomic Learning recently added new training to its library, log in and check it out:

Creating a Research Poster
Google Drive - Fully updated

Google Mobile Apps - Added movies related to Slides App
iOS 8  - What's New? Training

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24 Sep

New Content Alert: Designing a Research Poster

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Including tutorials on design tips, finding copyright-free images, incorporating tables and charts, and more, this online training series will give you some tips on creating a research poster. A special thanks to Dr. Jamie Sturgill and the University of Virginia Commonwealth for their help in putting this series together.

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